Acupuncture in East Dulwich -Dulwich Therapy Rooms - London since 2000

Daniel Bevan

BSc(Hons) TCM:Acupuncture

Senior acupuncturist and clinic founder with over 20 years experience

Founder of Dulwich Therapy Rooms, local acupuncturist Daniel Bevan

Acupuncture in the heart of East Dulwich

Expertise in the treatment of:

Fertility & menstrual disorders


Pregnancy issues

Sleep disorders

Anxiety & depression

Lower back, neck & jaw pain

Many other conditions treated

with over 20 years experience

Founder of Dulwich Therapy Rooms

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Experienced and approachable

Clinic owner & local resident (able to see clients at times to suit them)

Degree qualified with level 6 medical science modules included in training

Patient-centred (patient needs put first, including referal to other therapies wherever needed).

Associate /locum acupuncturists only used to cover illness or annual leave

Free 15 minute consultations by phone or in person available

"Acupuncture is a universal system of medicine. It treats each individual person and issue by looking at everything about them to find the pattern, make a diagnosis and treat effectively. Any 'specialism' comes from the skills needed to recognise patterns of symptoms and their causes and to be able to treat an individual effectively; skills that are developed through study & time"

Over the last 20 years, Dan has really earned the 'specialist' tag, treating thousands of painful conditions, menstrual/fertility problems and supporting couples through IVF, whilst increasing his skill and knowledge base by working with a variety of top clinics, attending extra courses and reading extensively for continued professional development.

He also specialises in muscle/joint issues, headache, insomnia, mental, emotional, respiratory and digestive issues. It is common for experienced acupunctursts to be skilled in many areas, as the principles are correlative rather than in “Western medicine” where the complexity and detail needed to become a specialist necessitate focus on one distinct area, hence why there are no or very few general medicine experts, but rather, specialists in cardio vascular, embryology etc. In acupuncture, the expertise is in the experience and development of skills to identify patterns of dysfunction/illness and knowing how to treat them accurately. For example, identifying links between digestion, family history, infertility, as a pattern that may include symptoms such as dizziness, headache, insomnia. These connections, and the experience to identify them, are central to the good practice of acupuncture.

With an in depth working knowledge of the orthodox approach (GP Gynaecologist and Assisted Conception Unit) protocols, Dan can adapt your treatment programme as well as be an educated ear so that you can be listened to at the same time as being best helped and advised

Dan qualified with a BSc (Hons) in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)/Acupuncture from the University of Westminster in 1999.

One of the longest practising acupuncturists with an Honours degree in the country, he heads a new generation of acupuncturists armed with a much stronger foundation in Western medicine and an emphasis on /understanding of the importance of research/evidence in any healthcare provision, including complementary therapy

After graduating he was invited to work in the award winning Polyclinic at Westminster University, overseeing the safe practice of student practitioners. He has also practised acupuncture at private clinics in London, including working with a senior university tutor, Jane Wilson, in her private practice in London. In his early years of practice, he was as head of Anatomy & Physiology, Access to Higher education for Nursing and Physiotherapy and Complementary Therapies at Morley College, setting up a foundation course for Acupuncture degrees while he was there.

At his time at Westminster and with Jane Wilson, he gained invaluable experience treating many conditions from senior acupuncturists and insight into what acupuncture could actually treat effectively. He first developed his skills in treating painful conditions of the musculo-skeletal system. Soon after, through living in East Dulwich (dubbed London’s “Nappy Valley”)he developed an expertise in the area of gynaecology/fertility and obstetrics. He has really thrived in this environment, helping so many couples through the immotive issues of fertility problems, bringing a sense of realistic optimisim, reassurance and support with his kind, friendly manner and unique skill set.

Finding us

Dulwich Therapy Rooms

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East Dulwich


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Free 15 min consultations

  • First Appointment and treatment £65.00
  • Follow-up appoitments £55.00

For direct enquiries, please email [email protected] or call Dan on 07867 975944


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