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Senior Acupuncturist & BAcC Member since 1999

Acupuncture with a modern approach

Daniel Bevan BSc(Hons)TCM:Acupuncture. MBAcC


First Appointment


Most of your first appointment will be spent exploring your medical history and full range of symptoms. During this time your acupuncturist will need to take your pulse, look at your tongue and possibly take your blood pressure. You will have the opportunity to talk about all areas of your health. Your life style, diet and family health will normally be discussed to help find the cause of the problem. After this, your diagnosis will be explained and a treatment programme discussed with you. You will receive a short treatment at the end of the session, unless your condition requires more immediate attention, in which case a longer treatment will be given.




Given the body of evidence of how effective acupuncture is, there are still some people who feel anxious about trying it because it involves needles. However, an acupuncture needle is as fine as a thread and will cause little if any discomfort. Also, some people believe that acupuncture might be ‘too alternative’ for them. In fact, modern acupuncturists are trained in Western medical science and are bound by strict ethical codes of practice.

Acupuncture is usually administered on the arms, legs, stomach or back. The number of points prescribed will vary depending on your specific needs. During the treatment the points may be stimulated to induce a sensation around the local area. Treatments generally take twenty to fortyfive minutes. During and after treatments people often experience a sense of wellbeing and relaxation.