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Daniel Bevan BSc(Hons)TCM:Acupuncture. MBAcC

Cosmetic acupuncture is a very effective means of removing fine lines around the eyes, lips, and nose, deeper lines appear softer. It also helps to raise bags under the eyes, improves dark circles and firm chin lines. It can lift and firm the bust (as long as it has not dropped too far).


How it works

Very fine, disposable acupuncture needles are placed at strategic points on the face  and act by increasing the local production of collagen and elastin which strengthens the structure of the skin. This results in a general tightening of facial tissue and gives a smoother, firmer line to face. Because of the increased circulation of blood and lymph there is also an improvement in the complexion.


How often?

Treatments can be done singly for that special occasion.

Individuals respond differently according to age.


To see better results a course of treatment should be undertaken. This varies, six to fifteen  treatments gives the best results. It can be done weekly or twice weekly.


On achieving the required results further treatments may be required on a one off basis in order to maintain the improvements.


Unlike surgical procedures, there is no risk of disfigurement or trauma from cosmetic acupuncture. However, as with any acupuncture treatment, although unusual, slight bruising may occur. After a treatment, there may be some redness. This lasts only a few hours and then disappears.



Cosmetic acupuncture is not usually suitable for people who have pituitary disorders, some heart disorders and diabetes mellitus. It is not suitable for individuals who have a pacemaker, or who suffer from excessive bruising or bleeding. It is also not recommended for people with a lot of broken capillaries on the face.


Do you need more information?

You can speak to Daniel Bevan directly by calling him directly or ask for him at the clinic on the number given above.

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